Ken Peplowski Fundraiser

Ken is a great musician and he could use your help! He’s battling cancer and can’t work. The statement below is from the organizer of the drive, Frank Vignola. Please contribute what you can at this link

“When one of us is down, we are all down. Hi, my name is Frank Vignola. I am starting this campaign for our dear friend, Ken Peplowski, who has cancer and is forced to cancel most or all his upcoming work due to the effects of his treatments.

We have surpassed the 70,000 goal. THANK YOU. I’m going to push it a bit and ask we continue to raise money for our friend, Ken. He needs peace of mind to help in his healing, which, as we know, will be a difficult road.

I have received more than a few emails requesting me to keep the campaign open because some of you are just hearing about it and want to share. I will keep it open until November 1. Please continue to share. Your donations go directly to Ken!!!

Thank you for supporting such a great friend to us all.”

This is Ken’s version of the first movement of Duke Ellington’s 1947 “Liberian Suite,” “I Like the Sunrise.” Ken has been an enthusiastic booster for this podcast. Please help however you can!

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